Saturday Field Trip Flower List

By Anne Whittemore


This was a hike led by myself and Patsy on Saturday afternoon.  Trail is on west side of a ridge which extends from Yellow Mountain.  The ridge is bordered on the west by Heaton Creek Road and on the east side by Sugar Hollow Road


We saw the following species:  Note:  NB = Not Blooming

Pink Lady Slipper                                    Maidenhair Fern

Solomon's Seal  NB                                  Christmas Fern

Hooked Buttercup                                Not Blooming:

Marsh violet                                            Rue Anemone

Branch lettuce                                        Ramps

Golden Ragwort                                      Flame Azalea

Showy Orchis                                        Great Rhododendron

Wood Betony                                        Black Cohosh

Indian Cucumber Root                             Blue Cohosh

Jack in the Pulpit                                    Bloodroot

Mountain Laurel (about to bust open)    ************************

Golden Alexander

Slender-leaved Toothwort


Wild Geranium

Canada Mayflower

Wild Oats

Rattlesnake Plantain


Striped maple