moving the goatsBaa-tany Goat Project

With the help of a number of Friends members and others, Todd  Eastin & Jamey Donaldson moved a herd of 34 goats to the other side of Jane Bald from Carver's Gap where they are happily munching blackberry leaves. Check out this YouTube video of the goats being moved: Baa-tany Project in the Roan Highlands and a  newspaper article and video from the Knoxville News-Sentinel. Also check out the Baa-tany Blog to fllow the latest on the Goat Project.

 Since they have been there, they have eaten an amazing amount of leaves.  The Friends of Roan has comclose-up of goatsmitted to supporting this effort, through Jamey's, ADOPT / SPONSOR A BAA-TANY GOAT PROJECT.

Jamey also needs your help taking care of the goats! Jamey camps up near the paddock during the week, but needs others to commit to watch the goats on weekends. Another need is to have people haul waterTodd and goats during the time period the goats will be on the Roan - July thru September. There is a spring beyond where the goats are paddocked - up a hill and left on the AT and down the hill a short distance.  TheJamey and the goats hauling of water can be easily accomplished by those camped up there on weekends.


Todd Eastin with His Goats

Contact Jamey at, or hike to Jane Bald to see him and the goats!

Jamey Donaldson,  Baa-tany Goat Project Coordinator